Get Discount E Cigs Online

We’ll help you find the best deals and cheapest ways to get discount e cigs online.

One great way to find the best discounts on electronic cigarette starter kits and supplies is to search through twitter for coupon codes or sale discounts that you can take advantage of.

Also make sure you take a look at the more popular vaping and electronic cigarette forums to see if there are any deals being advertised there. Sometimes the ecig brands and stores will give away coupons or even products on the busiest forums in order to attract more brand awareness and potential customers.

If you already are set on which brand and product, make sure you search on Google for that product name and the work coupon. You may be that there are coupon codes out there that you’ll be able to use with your purchase.

Also check to see if the online store you’re ordering from has any codes for % off or shipping deals.


Finding discount e-cigs

Finding discount e-cigs does not need to be difficult.  In fact, you don’t even need to buy discounted items.  Instead, e cig companies are constantly putting their products on sale.  They put out tons of coupon codes every week and offer their products for sale all the time.

There are not reason to buy anything at full price when you can find them at a discount.

The companies either lower their prices at different times of the month, they issue e cig coupon codes, or they sell their product on different websites at different prices.

If you want to find coupon codes all you have to do is Google the product’s name and the word “coupon” or “coupon codes” and you will find a bunch of different websites displaying the applicable discount code.

You can also visit popular coupon code sites and search for the product that you want.

Large sites like Groupon also have at least one to two e cigarettes a month with around a 50% discount off their regular price.  So there are tons of ways to find discounts for your e-cigs if you do some work and look around.

Study Finds E-Cigs Help People Stop Smoking

In a trial study published in the PLOS ONE, researchers found that, after testing Italian smokers with no desire to stop smoking, for one year, that 13 percent of those test stop smoking a year later.

The study got 300 people between June 2010 and February 2011 to participate.  One group received e cigs with nicotine cartridges at 7.2 mg.  Another group got e-cigs with 7.2 mg and then were switched to 5.4 mg of nicotine.  The third group got e-cigarettes containing no nicotine tobacco flavored.

At the end of the study, 13% of those in the first group were no longer smoking.  While 9% of those in the second group were no longer smoking and 4% of those in the no nicotine group

They also found that between 9 to 12 percent of those in the two nicotine groups had reduced the amount of that they smoked by at least half which is also very significant.